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Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways do you test your products?

We put all our products through lab testing not only for potency, but for biological and chemical safety and terpene profiling as well. At Bayflower, we also test all of our products and report the feelings, or “vibes” associated with the products. Individual vibes will vary, but we will list the most common expectations for each strain.

What are terpenes?

If you’ve heard of terpenes, you probably know that these organic compounds are responsible for the taste and smell of the cannabis plant, but there is more to it than that. Terpenes can also be associated with many different healing properties. Take myrcene for instance, which is a terpene that can help relieve pain.

Did you know that many plants other than cannabis produce terpenes too? Just think of the last time you drove past a pine forest and smelled that lovely pine smell in the air. How about the last time you sliced through an orange and your mouth watered. The very same terpenes that created some of the simplest pleasures in nature can be found in your cannabis plant. All Bayflower strains are labeled with the top three terpenes from their lab results.

Cannabis Strains

Chemdawg ’91

THC: 19.30% | CBD: 2.00% | CBG: 0.02%
Terpenes: Limonene, Humulene, Linalool
Notes of Citrus, Hops, Lavender
Vibe: Spry

Bayflower’s Chem 91 offers a balanced sativa experience, descended from Chemdawg and a mysterious second strain. While its origins are unknown, Chem 91 is a favorite daytime strain thanks to its enhancement of creativity and uplifting social energy. True to its name, Chem 91’s pungent diesel notes are contradicted by its citrus and pine flavors. Ideal for day use, Chem 91 eases the plagues of chronic pain, insomnia, stress or fatigue.

Doggie Kong

THC: 19.60% | CBD: 0.10% | CBG: 0.04%
Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Humulene
Notes of Citrus, Lavender, Hops
Vibe: Carefree

Bayflower’s Doggie Kong is an Indica-dominant strain that offers sweet berry flavors and a potent body high. The citrus and skunky fruit flavor blend of this strain is complemented by its peppery, spicy smells. The high offers mild cerebral energy, coupled with a flooding sense of relaxation and ease. Ideal for evening use, Doggie Kong is perfect for pain, fatigue, insomnia and stress disorders.

Gorilla Glue

THC: 19.10% | CBD: 2.10% | CBG: 0.02%
Terps: Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene
Notes of Gas, Pine, Citrus
Vibe: Carefree

Bayflower’s Gorilla Glue is a delightful indica-heavy hybrid that will relax your tired muscles while providing balanced & euphoric head vibes leaving you feeling footloose and carefree.

Sunset Sherbet

THC: 18.31% | CBD: 0.00% | CBG: 0.03%
Terpenes: Limonene, Humulene, Linalool
Notes of Citrus, Hops, Floral
Vibe: Chill

Bayflower’s Indica-dominant hybrid Sunset Sherbet is a delightfully refreshing cross of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. Veteran and novice smokers alike adore Sunset Sherbet’s delicious fruit aromas and matching sweet berry flavors. This strain gives you a jolt of cerebral energy and a heavy helping of body relaxation. Ideal for an evening smoke session, Sunset Sherbet is helpful for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, or mood swings.

Tahoe OG

THC: 18.60% | CBD: 0.00% | CBG: 0.03%
Terpenes: Limonene, Humulene, Linalool
Notes of Citrus, Hops, Lavender
Vibe: Chill

Bayflower’s Tahoe OG is carefully cultivated, crossing OG Kush many times over to offer an Indica-dominant Hybrid with intense body effects. Tahoe OG emits delightfully woody and pungent aromas typical of an OG strain, while its spicy lemon flavors are beloved by many Kush fans. Tahoe OG’s intense relief of chronic pain, appetite loss or insomnia make this bud ideal for a nighttime smoke session.

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